2007 Prize Winners

The workshop of the International Design Competition 2007/JDF was held on February 14 and 15, 2008, at the Osaka International Convention Center. Many prizes including the Grand Prize (Prime Minister of Japan Prize) were decided and the award ceremony was held for the winners. Also, 18 finalists who were invited to present their creations delivered fine presentations in front of about 100 business representatives in Japan, and other 25 excellent works were introduced by panel exhibition.
Winners are as follows:

=Grand Prize (Prime Minister of Japan Prize)
Title: Mobile Eco-Robot
Proposal: It is capable of locate contaminated water zone purify water, storage toxic waste gets into oceans
Winner: Edilson Ueda (Brazil)

=Gold Prize (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize)
Proposal: A bionic climbing robot which creates a diagnosis of the building fabric
Winner: Niklas Galler(Germany)

=Silver Prize (Governor of Osaka Prefecture Prize)
Title:luna robot
Proposal: Luna can independently search and accompany the survivors till the rescue come in the earthquake.
Winner: le li/Xiangfei Ran/Yang Hai/Xianyin Li/Mingnan Wen (P.R.of China)

=Silver Prize (Mayor of Osaka Prize)
Proposal: Smart shopping helper, a robot cart
Winner:Ying-Chih Chen/Mr.Liu Si-Sian(Taiwan)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Proposal: Robot for Firefighters around the World that has the Worlds newest technology to help save lives
Winner: Carlos Suarez (U.S.A)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Title:OSP robot
Proposal: The OSP robot is intelligent oil spill protection system for marine environment.
Winner: Ji Hoon Kim (Korea)


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