2007 Excelent Works

Japan Design Foundation has been implementing "International Design Business Promotion Projects" with cooperation of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Osaka Prefecture Government, Osaka Municipal Government, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and so on in order to make further contributions of design to the development of business.
The Workshop of the International Design Competition 2007/JDF was held on February 14 and 15, 2008, with the participation of more than 100 people from the related industries, at the Osaka International Convention Center.
This time we invited design proposals from all over the world through "International Design Competition 2007/JDF", focusing on the "ROBOT" as the main theme. As a result of rigorous examination by experts, we selected 25 excellent works as the subject of the business communication, and invited 18 producers among them to deliver presentations at the Workshop.
At the Workshop, all excellent works were introduced in several ways; by the invited producers' presentations and by the panel display in the exhibition aria. Also, individual business communication meetings were held between the finalists and the business representatives who were interested in their products in order to develop new products

1. Title:L.A.D.R
Proposal: Robot for Firefighters around the World that has the Worlds newest technology to help save lives
Presentater: Carlos Suarez (U.S.A)

2. Title:Roofus
Proposal: "Radio-controlled, lightweight roof snow removing vehicle"
Presentater: Michal Glogowski (Poland)

3. Title:Snail
Proposal:Robot to perform various works on the vertical wall surface for people
Presentater: Yasunori Goto(Japan)

4. Title:C-BOT
Proposal: A bionic climbing robot which creates a diagnosis of the building fabric
Presentater: Niklas Galler(Germany)

5. Title:Lephenti
Proposal: "A street cleaning robot that can clean the street, collect rubbish and empty the rubbish itself."
Presentater: Youyun Wang (P.R.of China)

6. Title:Nori Ninja
Proposal: A Robot for Harvesting Seaweed
Presentater: Martin Schatz(Germany)

7. Title:creef
Proposal: floating trash collection robot
Presentater: klemens schillinger (Austria)

8. Title:Robo Theater
Proposal: Interactive Robotic Theater Set
Presentater: Edward Bae (Germany)

9. Title:luna robot
Proposal: Luna can independently search and accompany the survivors till the rescue come in the earthquake.
Presentater: le li (P.R.of China)

10. Title:Hercules
Proposal: "Smart shopping helper, a robot cart"
Presentater: Ying-Chih Chen (Taiwan)

11. Title:Rover
Proposal: The Rover is a new concept robot that can be replaced with the current mobile.
Presentater: Gyeongwan Koo (Korea)

12. Title:SquidS
Proposal: We challenge solution for marine oil spills which have a serious impact on both economic and life.
Presentater: Xin Li(P.R.of China)

13. Title:robot _ Melt Snow Ball
Proposal: This design provide a chance to increase an opportunity for trapped climbers to survive.
Presentater: kyoung-ho ha (Korea)

14. Title:i-way
Proposal: I-way is an auto seeing eye dog which can help the blind people
Presentater: Lin PEI (P.R.of China)

15. Title:i-Gamo
Proposal:Duck Robot to record the rice cropping data for the next generation
Presentater:Kazunori Kusuki(Japan)

16. Title:OSP robot
Proposal:The OSP robot is intelligent oil spill protection system for marine environment.
Producer: Ji Hoon Kim (Korea)

17. Title:Rival Robot
Proposal:Running robot to express feelings by its posture and to establish the rival relationship with a human being
Presentater:YOSHIYUKI ARIGA (Japan)

18. Title:Mobile Eco-Robot: a water purification and waste storage system
Proposal: "It is capable of locate contaminated water zone purify water, storage toxic waste gets into oceans"
Presentater: Edilson Ueda (Brazil)

19. Title:WatCleaner
Proposal: ""
Presentater: Ye YAO (P.R.of China)

20. Title:palopally
Proposal: ""
Presentater: Zheng GU (P.R.of China)

21. Title:RIPPLE
Proposal: ""
Presentater: tomonori kawase (Japan)

22. Title:kaka system : CableCultivate System
Proposal: ""
Presentater: megumi morimoto (Japan)


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