2006 Prize Winners

The workshop of the International Design Competition Osaka 2006 was held on February 1 and 2, 2007, at the Osaka International Convention Center. Many prizes including the Gold Prize (Minister of Economy,trade and Industry Prize) were decided and the award ceremony was held for the winners. Also, 19 finalists who were invited to present their creations delivered fine presentations in front of about 160 business representatives in Japan, and other 48 excellent works were introduced by panel exhibition.
Winners are as follows:

=Gold Prize (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize)
Title: Dandella
Proposal: Hand-held robotic GPS companion
Winner: Tan Yong Kai / Priscilla Lui Sik Peng (Singapore)

=Silver Prize (Governor of Osaka Prefecture Prize)
Title:PEP - intravenous drip robot
Proposal: The robot that sensors blood vessels and give people a drip
Winner: Mizuki Yamakawa (Japan)

=Silver Prize (Mayor of Osaka Prize)
Proposal: Communication robot that the concept of programming is eliminated from.
Winner: Kouichi Okada / Shinobu Nakagawa / Hideo Kikuchi (Japan)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Title:Moria 03
Proposal: Human-friendly rescure robot with a snake function
Winner:Wataru Yaekura / Shinobu Nakagawa / Koichi Osuga / Shin Kuroda (Japan)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Title:H . M . R (Home Movement Robot)
Proposal: we propose one form(H.M.R) and we make a standard of home movement robot.
Winner: Kang Jin-hui / Jina Lee / Hyojun Jeon (Korea)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Proposal: Rhizome is a virtual research concerning a future communication trought biomecanical form of life.
Winner: Christophe Luxereau (France)


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