2005 Prize Winners

The workshop of the International Design Competition Osaka 2005 was held on February 21 and 22, 2006, at the Osaka International Convention Center. Many prizes including the Grand Prize (Prime Minister's Prize) were decided and the award ceremony was held for the winners.
Also, 18 finalists who were invited to present their creations delivered fine presentations in front of about 160 business representatives in Japan, and other 49 excellent works were introduced by panel exhibition.
Winners are as follows:

==Grand Prize (Prime Minister's Prize)
Proposal: Air conditioner that utilizes ATES and ground heat
Winner: Ryuichi Tabu (Japan/ Resident of U.K.)

=Gold Prize (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize)
Title:See-Trough Wall
Proposal: See-trough Wall is an ecological system in which water performs an important role in the consumption of energy.
Winner: Jorge Costa (Portugal)

=Silver Prize (Governor of Osaka Prefecture Prize)
Title:sun fold bike
Proposal: This design use power of the Sun and use the less room
Winner: CAO dawei (P.R.of China)

=Silver Prize (Mayor of Osaka Prize)
Title:e- water
Proposal: Visible electrical energy can lower the consumption of the power.
Winner:Satoshi Ohashi / Wataru Ishikawa (Japan)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Title:E.T-enjoy touch (anything in life )
Proposal: the product trinity of trend and technology
Winner: Ta-Lih Shieh / Lin Ten-Wei / Kuo Zealot (Taiwan)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Title:Healing Delta
Proposal: Growing mushrooms to stop desertification by soil enrichment
Winner: Kentarou Morita / Kazuki Nakamura / Tarou Mori (Japan)


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