2004 Prize Winners

The workshop of the International Design Competition Osaka 2004 was held on the 23rd and 24th, February 2005, at the Osaka International Convention Center. Many prizes including the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize were decided and the award ceremony was held for the winners.
Also, 19 finalists who were invited to present their creations delivered fine presentations in front of about 200 business representatives in Japan, and other 87 excellent works were introduced by JDF staff as well.
After the presentation, individual business matchmaking meetings were held in a positive manner between the finalists and the business representatives who were interested in their products.

Winners are as follows:

=Gold Prize (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize)
Title: Vertapack
Proposal: School Bag
Winner: Ido Baruchin (Israel)

=Silver Prize (Governor of Osaka Prefecture Prize)
Proposal: Silent communication using rings
Winner: Lv Zhongfang (P.R.of China)

=Silver Prize (Mayor of Osaka Prize)
Title:Air Block
Proposal: Versatile air block
Winner: Dai Wakabayashi / Yusuke Goto (Japan/ Resident of France)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Proposal: Automatic garbage bag
Winner: Ghassan Baghdadi (Canada / Resident of Japan)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Proposal: Curtain that can bring in air from outside
Winner: Shigeru Urashima (Japan)

=Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design Foundation Prize)
Title:Natural air purifying system
Proposal: Air purifier with a flowerpot
Winner: Lee Yun Qin (Singapore)

=Honorable Mention
Proposal: Venetian blind that can convert solar energy into electric power
Winner: Francesco Verna / Enrico Stradaioli / Massimiliano Minorchio (Italy)

=Honorable Mention
Proposal: Support tool for paraplegics to travel between wheelchair and bed
Winner: Edilson Shindi Ueda (Brazil)

=Honorable Mention
Title: The Jigsaw Puzzle for the Environment
Proposal: Jigsaw puzzle system used for tree planting
Winner: Xie Fei (P.R. of China)

=Honorable Mention
Title: Guide Tool
Proposal: Navigation tool for disabled people
Winner: Masahiro Kishi (Japan)


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