Changes of an international design competition
1983 to 2001 (International Design Festival Project)

In June 1979, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry proposed a series of measures to promote design towards the 80’s in the report of “Future Design Promotion”. The measures included a proposal to hold a major international competition in order to improve the standard of design domestically and internationally, to contribute the event as a nation and to promote the international cultural exchange.
The fist International Design Competition by JDF was held with the basic principle set to “Design for Every Being” in 1983. Since then the competition had been held once every two years focusing on sending the vision and message for the future of human being, and it had continuously provided designers with occasions for creativity to contribute socially and culturally.
With an expectation for new design proposal leading to the way to the future of human society, this international design competition could be referred to as designers’ Olympics in which every design field is subject to participate. The competition was the gateway to success for prospective designers, and those who have won the prizes in the competitions are now playing the important roles in the design fields.

2002 to 2003 (International Design Business Exchange Project)

Design was explicitly positioned as a business strategy by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in “Study Group for Strategic Use of Design” in June 2003. And the corporate effort focusing on the increasing domestic demand and enhancement of competitiveness of manufacturers, and directional movement of design were clarified; “Strategic Use of Design: Proposal 40 for enhancement of competitiveness” was reported, where “International Design Competition’s Reform for Contribution to Business” was proposed.
Setting a high value on the solution of current and social issues, International Design Competition made efforts to play a role as a bridge between design and business based on its basic principle “Design for Every Being”. The submitted works were recognized as new resource to create new design business, and the International Design Business Exchange Meeting 2003 was held in a new manner that each finalist gives the presentation in the final screening.

2004 to 2007 (Project for Support of International Design Business Creation)

The foundation promoter’s meeting was held on October 26, 1981, and it was agreed to set up the Japan Design Foundation (JDF) for the purpose of promoting international exchange in all design fields and contributing to the development of industry and culture and the improvement of society. And the foundation was officially started next month with a permission of Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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