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History of JDF

Nov. Japan Design Foundation Established

Feb. Basic theme and fundamental idea decided for the International Design Festival, Osaka
Oct. International Design Seminar ('82, '85)

Feb. International Design Symposium ('83, '85, '86)
May Screening for the 1st Awards, Osaka (held every other year until the 10th Awards, '01)
Aug. Final judging for the 1st Competition, Osaka (held every other year until the 10th Competition, '01. From 2002, the Competition was renewed and restarted.)
Oct. International Design Exhibition, Osaka (held every other year until the 10th Exhibition, '01)
Nov. Design Forum Osaka ('83, '85)

Mar. °»Design Scene°… starts (ended in March '02, #54)
Aug. International Design Camp, Matsumoto ('84, '86, '88, '90, '92)

Oct. Visit by the Crown Prince and Princess to the 2nd Design Exhibition

May. International Design Competition Prize-winning Works Exhibition - Stuttgart, Germany (hereafter, the Exhibition was held in various locations in Japan, '86-'92, and '94-'96)

Feb. International Design Convention ('87-'93)
May. Office move from Semba Center Building to present location

Aug. Designers interaction group visited Pan-Pacific countries ('90-'94)
Oct. Pan-Pacific Design Forum ('90-'93)

Dec. Commemorative ceremony and symposium of the 10th anniversary of JDF's founding

Feb. Singapore Design Fair
Dec. Asia Pacific Design Network set up
Malaysia Design Fair (Kuala Lumpur)

Jul. Asia Pacific Design Exchange Missions ('94, '95)
Aug. JDF Design Forum ('94, '98-'02)
Nov. Asia Pacific Design Conference ('94-'02)
Exchange Activities for Foreign Design Students ('94-'03)
Dec. Design Cooperation Promotion Program, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines ('94-'98), Indonesia ('94-'97, '99)

Jul. Design Policy Advisers for long-term stay dispatched, Indonesia ('95, '96, '97)

Feb. Asia Pacific Design Exchange Mission ('96, '97, '99-'02)

Mar. Internet website set up

Jul. Study on Master Plan for Promotion, Indonesia (to '00)
Asia Design Network Promotion (to '01)
Nov. Design Cooperation Promotion Program, China ('98-'02)

Sep. Design Cooperation Promotion Program, Vietnam ('99-'02)

Feb. Study on the Strengthening of Enterprise Management Capabilities, Jordan (to '02); Workshop ('01)

Jun. Asia Design Action Plan Program (to '03)
Design Study Mission ('01, '02)
Jul. Design Promotion Center Development Advisers dispatched, Indonesia ('01, '02), Vietnam

Sep. Distribution of E-mail Magazine started
Sep.-Nov. Overseas Design Case Study Seminar ('02, '03)

Feb. International Design Competition Osaka 2003 (Entries accepted)
Oct. International Design Business Exchange Conference 2003
Nov. Design Cooperation Promotion Program, China, Laos ('03, '04)

Jul and Dec. Design Management Strategy Forum
Sep. Asia Design Business Showcase (Shanghai)
Oct. Region-to-Region Initiative Project (Kansai Fair in Milan, 2004)
Nov. International Design Competition Osaka 2004 (Entries accepted.)
Asia Design Network Conference (Manila)

Sep. Start of Storm Consortium Project
Asia Design Network Conference 2005 (Osaka, Japan)
Oct. International Design Competition Osaka 2005(Entries accepted.)

Sep. International Design Competition 2006 (Entries accepted.)
Participation in Sanghai Design Biennial 2006
Nov. Asia Design Network Conference 2006 (Singapore)
Dec. Overseas Design Management Seminar

Jul. [Storm Consortium] New Product development seminar with Design Seminar
[Storm Consortium] Company collaboration & business maching conferance
Sep. International Design Competition 2007 (Entries accepted.)
Design Coordinator Course
Nov. The Design Strategy Forum
Asia Design Network Conference 2007 (Malasia)

Jan. The First °»JDF Get-together°…
Seminar °»DESIGN CULTIVATION - Study on Korea Design-°…
(Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya)
May. Seminar °»Design Situation in India°…
Jul. Corporate Management Design Forum
Aug. International Design Competition Osaka 2008 (Entries accepted.)
Sep. Design Coordinator Course
Oct. International Design Seminar
Nov. Asia Design Network Conference 2008 (Osaka, Japan)

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