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About Dissolution of JDF
Closure of Japan Design Foundation

This is to announce that Japan Design Foundation has closed its office as of March 31, 2009.

Due to the downside of the global economy and the administrative and financial reform of the government, we found it difficult to continue our activities any longer and made an anguished decision to put a close to the roles JDF had been playing for a variety of activities such as developing and promoting °»industry & culture°… and °»international exchange°… through design since 1981.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and support for our events and activities over many years.

The activities of JDF are to be taken over by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization in Tokyo, and the point of contact will switch to the said organization after April 1, 2009.

We wish you every happiness and success in the future.

Tadao Iguchi, Executive Vice President
Japan Design Foundation

Tel: 06-6263-5880 Email: info@jdf.or.jp