Introducing the Japan & Overseas Design Business Information Special Page
JETRO TTPP is a business matching site on the Internet where corporations throughout the world including
Japan can exchange business information with each other on the Web.

Business information presented by this system covers many areas including
commodities, services, technologies, affiliations and investments.

Such information as supply of and demand for design services is also allowed to post onTTPP.

JDF has been introducing designers responding to domestic inquiries, but has not been able to respond to overseas inquiries.

Therefore, JDF, with cooperation from JETRO, has posted a specialized page for collecting design business
issues on TTPP and promotes international business exchange through design.

These services are provided free of charge. And the registration can be completed in a fairly short time,
if the required data are ready.

For further information, please refer to the registration guide by clicking below.
Contact Otsuki at the Japan Design Foundation at this e-mail address:
Contact the Business Services Center, JETRO Headquarters Tokyo
e-mail address:
or visit “How to Use TTPP” at http://www3.jetro.go.jp/ttppoas/howto/index.html