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Today, shift in expectations can be perceived. Disenchanted with the blind pursuit of economic affluence as a result of high-paced industrial development, people yearn for a society that is rich in spirit, in other words, a society with high cultural values. Unless this need for spiritual and cultural satisfaction is filled, the economy and society as a whole cannot be expected to continue making progress in the future. Each country and each nation of people has its own particular culture which has been nurtured and cherished, generation after generation. However, in the interest of promoting worldwide peace, prosperity and understanding, there is a need to foster cultural exchange in a way that transcends national boundaries and ethnic differences.

In response to this need and aiming at promoting international exchange through design, which represents the cultural aspect industry and culture while contributing to the betterment of all mankind, the JAPAN DESIGN FOUNDATION (JDF) was established in November 1981.

Since its founding, in order to fulfill its roles of visualizing future society and presenting messages touching on the future of humankind, the JDF has held various design-related international events, such as international design competitions, targeting various design categories. These activities, we believe, have deepened public understanding of the importance of design, and contributed to international cultural exchange as well as cultural development.

Henceforth, based on achievements in the past, we will prioritize seeking solutions to current social challenges, including those with an aging society and those related to the environment. At the same time, we intend to develop international design business projects aimed at forming bridges between design and business, thereby promoting industrial development.

In December 1993, the Asia Pacific Design Network was created within the JDF to promote more extensive design exchange activities with Japan's neighbors in Asia. With the aim of responding to the growing number of requests from neighboring countries that our country extend a broader range of cooperation, we intend to play our part by exploring new possibilities for exchange and promoting new cooperative activities regarding design.

In this connection, your cooperation and support would be deeply appreciated