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The Foundation's Objectives
Lack amidst physical affluence
Recent industrial and economic development and advancing internationalization have earned Japanese society a considerable degree of physical affluence. However, people are beginning to recognize that something is missing; they now demand the restoration of the humanity necessary to a spiritually and culturally rich society and a more sophisticated social environment.
The promise of design
As one manifestation of these trends, people are depending more and more on the strengths of design, the bridge between cultural and material realities, the international language capable of visually expressing life.
Promotion of international exchange through design
To satisfy such demands, Japan should serve as a center for international exchange through design. A means by which Japan can publicize design, not only domestically but internationally, is essential Japan is to become a source of new designs for the future. This will greatly increase public interest in and understanding of design.
Objectives in establishing the Foundation
In response to these needs, the Japan Design Foundation was established in November, 1981 to promote international exchange in all genres of design, thereby encouraging the sound development of both industry and culture, and ultimately contributing to the enrichment of human society.