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Basic Principles
Design for Every Being

In antiquity, design served gods and kings, in the middle ages, religion, and in the modern age, cities and citizens. We believe that design should serve all life. Design, symbolic of the 20th century and beyond, into the 2lst century, is a visual means of expressing universal truths.

A century age, Japan, like the rest of Asia, was vastly difference from the West, when she encountered the radically different concepts of western and technology. In the century since, Japan has become a new industrial society in which western science and technology have been fused with Asian philosophy and history. We advocate a new design festival consistent with our commitment to helping this new society meet its international responsibilities.

The world Expositions held in Paris in 1900 and Chicago in 1933 illustrated, from the point of view of technological innovation, the establishment of modern West European and American industrial society and the value systems there of.

In 1970, the Japan World Exposition offered an occasion to reflect upon industrial society and global harmony in the 20th century. Working onward from the ideas advanced there, we have conceived a design festival under the basic theme: "Design for Every Being".

The Festival's scope encompasses the Earth, life, history, and visions of a future developed through man’s wisdom and intelligence. Commitment to these great hopes is the international responsibility and duty of today’s Japan. It is our earnest hope and anticipation that the world’s citizens form all reaches will participate in the Festival, benefiting both the earth and mankind via their designs.

Design is the mingling of individual cultures and universal industrial technology, imparting new values to civilizations extensively influenced by universal technology.