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The Japan Design Foundation (JDF) was established in 1981, aiming to promote international exchange concerning every genre of design, and to contribute to sound development of industry and the culture and improvements of the human race welfare, and has conducted business activities concerning design such as international design festivals in a basic theme "Design for Every Being".

The JDF will succeed such basic policy in the future, and actively promote projects that match industry needs with the support and the cooperation of related organizations and design associations in the industrial world such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Design for Every Being
International Design Business Utilization Support Project
International Design Competition
Aimed at facilitating the utilization of design for business and contributing to the development of design-competence, JDF hosts international design competitions with the support and assistance of enterprises and design-related associations and organizations. Themes for this event vary, selected from various challenges and problems the world faces. Every event invites, selects and recognizes design proposals submitted by participants. Outstanding proposals that have potential for commercial realization are put into mock-up production and the works are exhibited for business matching between small- and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and the proposers to promote the utilization of designs for actual businesses (Design Market). All prize winners of past events are registered at the website (Designers═ Plaza). This list is used for the benefit of enterprises which require competent designers.

Design Strategy Forum
(1) Corporate Management Design Forum Targeting managers of small- and medium-sized manufacturers, the Forum provides a place to show design activities and their effectiveness as well as exchange information. The aim is to enhance managers═ awareness of design and design utilization. This is a new project for JDF.

(2) Design Coordinator Course This is a seminar, under the title of ´JDF Design Coordinator Education Seminar,═ to nurture and cultivate designers who can plan, develop and promote a manufacturing project in the market. The seminar features lectures by well-informed specialists from diverse fields and discussions between them and the participants. Through the lectures and discussions, the event aims at providing know-how in design by presenting participants with information on new design functions, many real-life cases and actual experiences.

(3) International Design Seminar Targeting those in design-related jobs and product developers, this seminar offers lectures by design experts actively working in and out of Japan. The seminar intends to show how excellent designs are developed and utilized to respond to the needs of the times, highlighting the varying roles of design, by referring to design activities overseas. This is a good chance for participants to reassess the role of design in corporate management and to learn about new design resources.

New Product Manufacturing Consortiums
This is a project hosted by JDF to support the manufacturing activities of leading small- and medium-sized enterprises. More precisely, this project aims at developing a sales route by creating new products with the help of designers (producers).

Design Competition Jury

Design Market

Design Coordinator Course
Design Exchange Activities with Countries and Regions in the Asia-Pacific Area
This is a project to enhance mutual understanding among countries and regions in the area, to enhance design competency and to promote mutual business development in a sustainable manner, through facilitating international exchange of design throughout the area.

Network with design promotion organization in Asian countries and regions
Asia Design Network Conference is an annual event with 15 participating design organizations from Asia (including JDF). Policies and actual businesses related to design promotion by each entity are presented, study and presentation on a common theme take place and recognition of the utilization of design is deepened among the participants. Besides the discussions, design-related information is collected and personnel networks are expanded by dispatching delegates to institutions promoting design, design universities and design offices in each country and region.

Survey on Design Preferences in Asian countries
Investigation of Design-Related Trends and Consumer Preferences in Asia JDF provides design-related information gathered from on-site surveys in the form of brochures and seminars on selected themes of interest. For the past two years, a survey has been conducted in the new family sector in major cities in India on their design preferences, and the results presented in a brochure. Last year, a survey was focused on the home electrical appliance and auto industries in South Korea, a country that has been addressing enhancement of design competency and has shown great achievement and development in the past decade. The results were presented at seminars held in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan.

Dissemination of Design related information in Asian countries
Asia is a place where there are great advancements to be seen. JDF has collected design-related information on South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries and regions which can be accessed at our portal site 'Asia Design & Business News: Design Network Asia(DNA).'

Publication of Asian Design Information Database
JDF has collected basic information on design-related institutions, promotional and educational bodies and offices and created a database on them. The information is published in a form of a brochure for use by enterprises. The same information can be accessed at the JDF website.

Asia Design Network Conference 2007

JDF Seminar
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