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Under this subtheme, we look forward to proposals for water-related systems, daily products and unique lifestyles, which promote the purification and saving of water, the optimization of water quality and water circulation, and waterfront environments.

For Social Place

Under this subtheme, we expect to receive proposals for air-related systems, daily products and lifestyles, which facilitate a shift to social structure and production activities that do not emit greenhouse gases and enable us to enjoy a living environment blessed with fresh and clean air.

For Individual Area

Under this subtheme, we seek proposals for energy-related systems, daily products and lifestyles that promote a shift to an eco-friendly social structure and production activities characterized by resource and energy saving, exhaust heat control, recycling, substitution or conversion and change of consumer consciousness, and that materialize an environmentally friendly lifestyle, while maintaining the convenience and comfort of modern life we have so far enjoyed.

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