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August 4: Start of acceptance of entries
September 5: Deadline for acceptance of entries
October 8 to 9: Screening
Late November (tentative schedule):
Commendation ceremony and related events to which prize winners will be invited
February (tentative schedule): Design Market
Screening results will also be announced on both the JDF and JETRO websites, in late February.
Entry period
Entries will be accepted between Mon., August 4, 2008, and Fri., September 5, 2008.
Make sure to apply during the above period on the Internet at the website of the JDF.
Notice of Receipt of Work
The sponsor will notify the entrant by e-mail upon receipt of a submitted work. The notification of the receipt and the receipt number is sent to the entrant promptly after the submission, and the sponsor shall not answer later inquiries, etc., upon receipt.

(Note) The notification of receipt will be automatically sent to the entrant. With the recent trend toward tighter Internet security, some providers regard automatically delivered e-mails as spam and send them directly to the trash box of the receiverÍs computer. To ensure that you have duly received notification of receipt of your work, you are advised to check your trash box as well as your regular Inbox.

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