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  • Intellectual property rights, including copyright and industrial property rights, to all entered works in and outside Japan belong to the entrants. Protecting these rights is therefore the responsibility of each entrant.
  • It is recommended that entrants register their designs, or take other necessary measures as necessary, so as not to lose the novelty of their works by presenting them at the final review exhibition.
  • When using other persons’ photographs and/or printed matter in a work, care should be taken so as not to infringe the copyright.
  • In promoting communications with businesses, JDF will carry out the procedure of entrusting prize-winning works to the Japan Design Protection Association (JDPA). This procedure will help to verify that the target designs should be treated as “exceptions to lack of novelty” when designers file design registration applications in Japan.
    Please note, however, that the procedure will not ensure any legal protection of intellectual property rights, but is merely one means of protecting and managing designs.
  • To promote commercialization of the designs in cooperation with businesses, the organizer will hold exclusive rights for commercialization assistance during the period beginning with receipt of entered works and ending at the end of March 2009. During said period, no business bargaining via channels other than those of the organizer will be permitted.
    All rights to modify entered works shall belong to the organizer under the condition that the organizer gains consent from applicable entrants.
  • Rights pertaining to exhibition and publication of entered works belong to the organizer.
    * Please read thoroughly the conditions of agreement printed on each entry form, and send the form if you agree to those conditions.
The following will result in disqualification of works, and their exclusion from screening; awards may also be revoked:
  1. Work that fails to meet the rules and regulations concerning the entry procedure.
  2. Work that includes letters, symbols and/or other signs that may identify entrants and thereby fails to fulfill the rule concerning anonymity.
  3. Work that has previously won an award in another competition or one that has been announced as the winner of an award.
  4. Work design that is the same as or similar to work already published.
  5. Work that infringes on copyright, industrial property right or other right of other work.
  6. Work submitted to final review but banned from exhibition or posting in publications on the Internet, etc.

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