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The Japan Design Foundation (JDF) will hold the International Design Competition 2008 under its basic principle of ˝Design for Every Being,ţ with its sights set on presenting visions for near-future lifestyles.

We have never had greater hope that new solutions for multiple social issues will be presented. A new era, in which designs play an even more active role, is about to dawn.

Seeking imagination for near-future lifestyles, as well as the technological background to transform imagination into reality, JDF would like to call upon the world to propose design ideas that can respond to such imagination and technological background by offering aesthetic solutions.

As in the previous year, we will strive to make the International Design Competition 2008 a competition with greater focus on prize winners, so that entrants from around the world will be able to use the evaluations of their designs to advance their careers as designers.

Furthermore, we will actively introduce superior works and excellent proponents to people in the design and education communities, as well as to local governments, and will create opportunities for designers to garner extensive professional advice from manufacturers and distributors in commercializing their designs.

JDF sincerely hopes that many designers throughout the world will understand the purport of the International Design Competition 2008 and enter high-quality works.

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