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Design Market

product models
From the superior works selected in the screening process, about some works believed to be suitable for business communication will be chosen. With the cooperation of the creators of the selected works, JDF will make 3D models of the works.
JDF will cover all expenses necessary for the creation of said 3D models.
Design Market
In order to promote business communication, JDF will hold a Design Market, using primarily 3D models of selected works. We will invite the creators of the selected works to attend the event. JDF will cover all airfares (and for residents of Japan, all domestic transportation fees) and accommodation expenses. (For group winners, expenses will be provided for one representative each.) Details will be communicated to each applicable entrant.

Creators will be required to give presentations on their works and will be afforded the opportunity to exchange views with interested companies. These opportunities will enable creators to review their works from a business viewpoint and open up possibilities to have their works commercialized.

At the same time, all superior works will be displayed on a panel to be introduced to the business community.
Certificate of business communication
Creators of works recognized by the business community during the Design Market will be awarded the JDF certificate of business communication works.

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