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How to Enter

Method of applying
Applications can only be made at the relevant page of the JDF’s website.
To confirm qualifications for applying, see the attached reference
Entry form for screening

Fill out the specified entry form on the relevant website page.

Work covered by the application can be then transmitted as digital data, on condition that all the information filled in the entry form is correct. Required information includes "content of the proposal" and "feasibility of the proposal".

For group entry, enter one representative's name in the column for entrant's name, and remaining creators' names in the column for co-creators' names. The form must be filled out in either Japanese or English.

Entry Form Sample
Entry fee for screening
Entry cost is 20 US dollars per work. The fee must be paid through electronic transfer via the internet at the time of entry form submission. (For further information, refer to PayPal website.)
PayPal home
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How to enter
  • Please comply with the rules specified in the Conditions and Rules.
    Those entries will not be accepted which the Disqualification applies or which deviate from the following instructions.
  • Click the “Application for the International Design Competition ” on the JDF website (, fill the Entry Form with the required information and send it with the image files of your work attached.
  • We accept one work per sub-theme.
    If the contestant enters more than one work for one sub-theme, the latest-entered work only will be eligible for screening.
  • Not more than five image files of a work should be submitted.
  • State the dimensions of your work on the product item.
  • Please note that only still image files can be submitted.

    File format Only JPEG is accepted.
    Number of files Up to 5 image files per entry
    Date capacity Less than 2.5MB per entry
    Image size 800x600 pixels, less than 150dpi, free to vertical and horizontal proportion
    Color mode RGB color mode only.
  • Search for files on each item using the “Browse…” button.
    (For those using Windows machines, choose “All files” on the field determining types of files to be shown.
    The recommended browsers are Internet Explorer and Netscape, Version 4.0 or higher.)
  • Only half-width letters and numbers should be used for the names of the files to be uploaded and the folders where the files are located. Windows users should open “My Computer” and save “picture.jpg” to the C drive before uploading. Some Macintosh machines may not automatically add file extensions (such as “.jpg”).
    When entering file extensions manually, please be sure to enter them correctly.
  • When uploading more than one file, be sure they all have different file names.
  • JPEG is only image file type allowed.
  • The maximum number of image files is five.
  • The total data size for all files should be less than 2.5MB.
Screen samle for judging

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