International Design Competition Osaka Japanese
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Any individual or group, from any design field, anywhere in the world, may enter the Competition. Note that the sponsors (Officials and staffers of JDF and JETRO), judges, their family members, or those whose works are joint creations with either a sponsor or any of the judges, are not eligible.

While creations according to the above themes are ardently invited, proposals for products, services, systems and business models in general are also welcome.
All entries must be newly created for the Competition, and unpublished.
The term "unpublished" is defined as follows
  • not commercialized as marketable products
  • not presented to the public for sale
  • not announced in newspapers, magazines, websites etc.
  • Entries must remain "unpublished" until official announcement of winners by the JDF.
Number of entries
Only one entry in each subtheme is allowed per applying individual or group.
Similar works shall not be entered in multiple subthemes.

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